Keys have become far more sophisticated over the past few decades. What was once a series of metal keys on your keychain now contains electronic chips and transponders that open vehicle doors and interact with security systems. What follows is an explanation of automotive keys, transponder keys, and the advantages of changing automotive keys with transponder keys. If you have additional questions, the professionals at Locksmith Los Angeles are here to help.

What is an Automotive Key?

An automotive or basic car key is familiar to most drivers of older vehicles. You can make a copy of the key at most hardware stores and automotive centers that have a key duplicator. The key will fit not only the ignition but also the doors so you can enter the vehicle. 

Most automotive keys will have a button to unlock the vehicle. But apart from that, there is no additional security involved with a standard automotive key.

What is a Transponder Key?

This is a key that has a Radio Frequency Identification Chip or RFID inside the head of the key. The RFID chip provides an additional layer of protection for the vehicle and owner. You insert the key in a vehicle that has an immobilizer built into the design. 

The vehicle then verifies the RFID chip which should be programmed into the car or truck. If the key is recognized, the ignition will activate as you turn the key. If the chip is not recognized, the immobilizer system kicks in and prevents the engine from starting. 

Advantages of Changing Automotive Keys with Transponder Keys

The benefits of having transponder keys over standard automotive keys are founded in the security of your vehicle. They have become the industry standard and for good reason given the rising rates of vehicle theft across the country. 

Security: The primary advantage is the security features that a transponder key brings compared to a standard automotive key. The extra layer of protection thanks to the RFID chip means that your key cannot simply be duplicated to start your vehicle. 

Reliable: Transponder keys, whether issued by the manufacturer or a respected locksmith are quite reliable. This means that you can trust the key to work for you time and time again. Crafted from the proper materials and made with quality in mind, a good transponder key will last for many years to come. 

Affordable: Getting a new transponder key is simple and affordable. If you are concerned about losing your current transponder key, then getting a duplicate is now easier than ever. Plus, the prices today are quite affordable. This means you can have the safety and security you desire while still having a duplicate around just in case. 

Not to mention that adding a security layer to your vehicle may lower your insurance rates. Check with your insurance company to see if you may benefit from having this type of system in your vehicle. 

At Locksmith Los Angeles, we are the experts at changing automotive keys with transponder keys for your needs. Call or come by our offices today and find out more about how changing automotive keys with transponder keys to help keep your vehicle safe from theft. 

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What is a Transponder Key?

The RFID chip in the head of the key provides an extra layer of protection for the vehicle and its owner. When you insert the key into a vehicle with an integrated immobilizer, the engine will not start if the chip is not recognized.