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Are high-security locks worth it?

The National Council for Crime Prevention recommends installing high-security locks as your best defense against burglary. Look for Grade 1 locks, which means that they have been tested to withstand the highest levels of force over an extended period of time.

What is the most secure lock?

The most common high-security rating is UL437, which tests for unauthorized opening by bypass, pick, impression, and destructive entry. Most major North American manufacturers provide UL437-listed locks and offer patented, controlled key distribution.

What is the best type of lock?

Deadbolts are considered to be the most secure and best type of lock. To unlock a deadbolt, you must rotate the door knob in a certain direction and then push or pull on the door. Deadbolts also cannot be moved easily from their locked to their unlocked position.

Are electronic locks more secure?

Keyless door locks are not necessarily more secure than traditional locks. The material of construction and the length of the bolt are factors that determine a lock’s strength, whether it be keyed or keyless.

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What is the most secure lock?

Most major North American lock manufacturers provide UL437-listed locks and offer patented, controlled key distribution.