The change of season can greatly affect your belongings, including the locks on your car and home! In this article, Locksmith Los Angeles will explain why!

The winter months

In the winter, when temperatures drop, many doors and locks become problematic. Wood tends to contract rather than expand in cold weather, causing misalignment between the lock and the doorframe, which makes it difficult to operate.

Extreme temperatures can cause car locks to malfunction, making it difficult to enter your vehicle. Remember that the mechanism of a lock is a mechanical device that is designed to operate within a specific range of temperature. Metal contracts in cold weather and lubricants used in many locks freeze at temperatures significantly below zero degrees Celsius, so they no longer work to lubricate metal parts of the lock. If this happens, try heating up your key before putting it inside your car door or vehicle’s locks. This will melt the lubricant and metal components and make the lock usable again.

When you are about to break a key on a frozen lock, call a locksmith first. Ideally, he can free the lock before breaking the key, making his job easier.

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The summer months

During the summer, the temperature rises and we feel it in the air. If your home or office has wooden doors, you may find it difficult to get those doors open. That’s because when temperatures rise, wood swells in its frame. This makes the door difficult to open. The swelling also causes problems with the alignment of the lock within the door frame because geometry changes.

Does weather affect door locks?

Although it may seem counterintuitive, one of the most common causes of lock issues is weather-related. As temperatures fluctuate, residential and commercial door locks may jam and not work properly. 

Does wet weather affect door locks?

When the temperature outside turns especially cold, your moisture-filled wooden door will contract and shrink. So yes it does affect your door locks