What are the advantages of a sentry safe?

A sentry safe is a security device that protects your belongings against break-ins and burglaries. It can be used in your home, but also in your business or office. Indeed, the safe is an indispensable piece of equipment for all companies that want to ensure the security of their important documents.

The safe is a very effective solution for protecting your property. It allows you to keep your valuables and confidential documents in complete peace of mind. 

Examples of sentry safe models

There are many sentry safe models including :


When your sentry safe won’t open, what do you do?

DIGITAL FIRE/WATER SAFE has many advantages such as water protection, fire protection security protection.

This is one of the many sentry safes models you can find on the market.


When your sentry safe won’t open, what do you do?

The 10, 14, and 24-gun capacity models with either 55” or 59” height. Features include a lever handle, concealed hinges, and carpeted interior including the gun rack and shelf to protect against scratching.

SentrySafe HD4100 Fire-Resistant and Water-Resistant Box Safe with Key Lock, 0.52 cu. ft.  $68.00

When your sentry safe won’t open, what do you do?

The SentrySafe HD4100 Fire-Resistant Box Safe and Water-Resistant Box Safe can protect your valuables in a fire for a 1/2 hour up to 1550°F (843°C) and from flood damage up to 72 hours. It holds up to 40 standard hanging folders making it the ideal storage solution for your important family or business documents. The in-lid organization keeps frequently accessed items such as passports, checkbooks, and digital media within easy reach.

Can a locksmith open a sentry safe?

Our team of locksmiths can open all kinds of sentry safes!

What would you do if you lost your combination code or key?

Your combination or key gives you access to your safe deposit box, which contains your valuables. Losing this pair means losing access to your valuables. A sentry safe deposit box comes with numbers that allow you to create a combination that gives you access to the safe. But it is possible to lose or forget that combination. In case of loss, keys and locks give you a second way of accessing your safe deposit box. However, you can also lose the key and the code; the lock could be damaged and prevent the owner from accessing it.

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Can a locksmith open a sentry safe?

Our locksmiths can open all kinds of sentry safes, let us put our skills to work for you.