Don’t panic when you lose the keys to your bike! Locksmith Los Angeles will be there to help you replace them!

Read on to find out what we can do for your motorcycle key replacement!

How much would it cost to rekey a motorcycle?

Copying your key will cost you $10-$20 and if you lose your only key, it’ll cost $130-$190 to replace it.

What can you do if you lose the keys to your motorcycle?

-Get a second key programmed before you lose the first. It’s never a bad idea to put a trusted locksmith or towing company in your contacts list.

-It is a good idea to give a spare key to a friend or family member, just in case you lose yours. You can also keep one in a safe compartment while you are on the road.

-Keep your keys on a large, rather than heavy, key ring to make it harder to misplace them. You can also invest in a Bluetooth tracker that attaches to your key ring and allows you to track the key using your smartphone.

-If you are buying a new motorbike, consider keyless options. They can make the bike easier to ride and more secure.

Do motorcycle keys have a universal shape?

Many motorcycles use the same code for the steering lock, ignition switch, and gas tank. On a motorcycle like that, you would have four opportunities to find the code!

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Don’t be afraid to lose your motorbike keys!

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Do motorcycle keys have a universal shape?

Many motorcycles have the same code for the steering lock, ignition switch, and gas tank. On a motorcycle like that, you would have four chances to guess what the code is!