In this article, you will see all the types of keys that locksmith services offer and also the different services that we offer in our company of Locksmith Los Angeles.

Let’s start with the car keys

There are different types of car keys, such as:

-A smart car key is a device that can be programmed to start the car and unlock it, even if the owner is not nearby.

-The transponder key is also called a chip key because it uses a microchip to lock and unlock cars and sends out a radio signal that communicates with the car’s system.

-Laser-cut keys have patterns on each side of them that are hard to duplicate. Many vehicles come with a laser-cut key as standard equipment.

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Changing Automotive Keys with Transponder Keys

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Second the residential keys

Many residential properties utilize a mechanical key a type of key that you can duplicate at self-service machines. These keys are not very secure, which is why many residents will utilize more high-tech systems with this standard lock-and-key setup. Some older cars also require a mechanically cut key instead of a smart key or transponder.

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Thirdly, commercial building keys

-Skeleton keys, when created by locksmiths who file down keys to fit multiple doors, are also called master keys.

-Key cards are a popular way to allow access to buildings and areas. They can be programmed for individual access, and their magnetic strips can be easily reprogrammed as needed. Locksmiths see key cards in hotels, hospitals, banks, government buildings, and large offices.

-Magnetic keys, which utilize magnetism to open locks, are harder to pick than normal locks. They don’t require electricity to function.

-A master key, which is used by a school or church’s administration staff, allows those individuals to gain access to every area of the institution.

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What are the different types of keys?

The different types of keys are:

-Car keys
-Commercial keys
-Residencial keys