If you need help fixing your electric door strike in Los Angeles, call Locksmith Los Angeles. We are here to provide solutions to all security concerns, including repairing and installing new electric strikes. When you need fast and reliable service from skilled technicians, our company can handle all of your entry system repairs and issues.

What makes an electric strike work?

Electric strike locks replace standard door strikes, cutting down on the time it takes to unlock a door. When an electric strike is activated, it releases the latch, unlocking the door. Electric strikes remain locked from the outside at all times, so the door automatically returns to a locked position when it closes behind you.

What locks to use with the electric strike?

When used with an electric strike, a mortise lock is immune to the dead latching problem and provides much better security than a cylindrical lock.

Does an electric strike need a power supply?

Electric strikes require a power supply to function. A strike has a keeper, or gate, for the latching mechanism on the lock. When a credential is presented and the strike is disengaged, the gate on the strike will allow the latch to be pulled through.

How should you troubleshoot an electric strike?

To ensure that your strike is receiving the proper amperage, check that it’s rated at the required voltage. Too low an amperage will not deliver the voltage at a force to operate the strike. While a weak or erratic buzz sound on AC power could indicate a low-amp situation, it could also signal a problem with low voltage or dirty connections.

Can an electric strike be fail-safe?

A fire-rated door must have a fail-secure electric strike to provide positive latching. And a fail-secure electric strike cannot provide for stairwell reentry.

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If you want to control the access of visitors and employees at your property, electric strikes are a great option. Our skilled installers will ensure that your electric strike is installed correctly, with a failsafe buzzer system. If you need assistance with sudden problems or want to service your Los Angeles electric door strike to avoid problems tomorrow, we are here for you! Give us a call today and let us help!

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What makes an electric strike work?

Electric strike locks replace traditional door strikes, cutting down on the time it takes to unlock a door. When you activate an electric strike, it releases the latch, unlocking the door. The lock remains locked from the outside at all times, so when you close the door behind you, it automatically returns to a locked position.